This Serial Number Is Used On Too Many Computers

Each time you install and activate Intego software, information is sent to Intego's servers to indicate that the software is being used on a computer.  Each license has a limited number of seats.

Intego software comes with a license that allows you to use the software on at least one, three or five Macs depending on the subscription you have purchased (even more if you have a business license). When you install Intego software on one of your Macs and serialize it, that Mac is considered to be authorized for one seat of your license. If you have multiple copies of the software installed, and wish to use it on a different Mac, you will need to deauthorize the software for one Mac and serialize it on another Mac.

To deauthorize any Intego software including VirusBarrier, open the program, then click the program name menu and choose Deauthorize VirusBarrier…. Below you can see this menu item:


Remember to deauthorize your Intego software if you sell one of your Macs and wish to use the software on a new device.  If you need to adjust your license to allow use of your Intego software on additional computers, please contact our Sales Department.


If your serial number is valid for the number of computers you are using, and you receive this error message, please contact our Support Team: Contact Support


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