How to Use the Intego Log Reporter

The Intego Log Reporter is used to gather detailed system information from a computer to troubleshoot and identify software issues. To access the Intego Log Reporter, click the Intego icon in the menu bar at the top right corner of your screen and select 'About your Intego Software'.


Next, right-click (or press control on your keyboard) and click Version. Select 'Open IntegoLogReporter...'


You will see the following window. Click Build Report.


Once you click Build Report, you will be prompted for your Administrator password. Enter an Admin password for your computer and click OK.


When you click OK, you will see the following window indicating that the report is building. This may take several minutes.


Once the report is finished building, you will see the following window. Click OK.


The report will be on your Desktop and will look similar to the file below.


The file will have the date, time, and username. The file extension will be .tgz. This is the file that will need to be sent to Intego Support for analysis. Please attach this file to the e-mail you are sending to Intego Support or upload it to your Support Ticket online.

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