ContentBarrier: Using the Setup Assistant

ContentBarrier is installed in your Applications > Intego folder. To open ContentBarrier, go to this folder, then double-click the ContentBarrier application icon:

CBX9 Icon

The first time you launch ContentBarrier, the Setup Assistant displays:


Using the Setup Assistant

ContentBarrier's Setup Assistant helps you quickly and easily adjust the program's basic settings so they are appropriate to the way you use your Mac. The first time you open ContentBarrier, the Setup Assistant launches automatically.

If, at any time, you want to launch the Setup Assistant manually, you can do so by choosing ContentBarrier > Setup Assistant….


This assistant walks you through the configuration process. If, at any time, you wish to return to a previous screen, click the Go Back button. After you've confirmed the settings you want, click Continue to go to the next screen.

Configure Notifications

This screen lets you determine how ContentBarrier reports users' activities to you via e-mail. Regardless of what you set on this screen, you can always monitor user activity by viewing ContentBarrier's log.


You can choose to receive these reports either daily (at the time at which you set up this option) or weekly (at the same time and day at which you set up this option).

If you check Send me predator alerts immediately, ContentBarrier will send you an e-mail whenever it detects predatory activity, according to its rules regarding text content.

Before ContentBarrier can send you any e-mail notifications, you must tell it which e-mail address to use. Simply enter your e-mail address and click Done.


Congratulations! You've successfully told ContentBarrier how to block users' access to parts of the Internet. If you wish to reconfigure your users, or configure new users by using the Assistant, you can do so at any time by choosing ContentBarrier > Setup Assistant… while ContentBarrier is running.

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