How Do I Reset My ContentBarrier Password?

To create a new password or change the current password, open ContentBarrier and then click the word 'ContentBarrier' as it appears in your top menu bar.  (Next to the Apple Logo in the top left corner of your computer screen)  Then, click the Password option as seen below:


You can select the 'Use ContentBarrier Password' option and enter a new password.



ContentBarrier will now require this new password for access to settings or to make changes.



If you have forgotten your ContentBarrier password, the user responsible for the Intego subscription can reach out to Intego's Support Team and request further assistance with resetting or removing a ContentBarrier password.

Support is available online via our website, live chat, or e-mail. You can also call us directly if you need assistance by phone.

Click Here to open a Support Ticket.


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