How to Record Keystrokes and Take Screenshots with ContentBarrier

Want to know exactly where your children are going online, whom they are talking to and what they are saying? You can configure Intego ContentBarrier to record keystrokes or take screenshots of active applications. It’s just another way to make sure your kids haven’t stumbled across content they shouldn’t be looking at or sharing personal information with strangers.

How to Record Internet Usage

ContentBarrier lets you keep track of what your users have been doing by secretly taking pictures of what's on their screens and recording what they type into a hidden log. To access the Recording controls, click the Recording button in ContentBarrier's button bar.


To turn on screen recording, check the Record box.  ContentBarrier will then take a screenshot of either the Main Window, that is, the front-most one, or of everything on the computer, including a second monitor, if one is connected, if you select All Screens from the drop down menu. You can also decide how often these screenshots will be created, from one per minute to one per 999 hours. (One reason to direct ContentBarrier to take less-frequent screenshots is that a large number of graphics can take up a lot of hard disk space.)

To record all typing done by the selected user, check Record keystrokes. You can then exempt the keyboard from being recorded in certain applications by checking the Don't record the following applications box and adding those applications to the list by either clicking the + button and navigating to them via the Mac OS X dialog box, or dragging and dropping the application from the Finder into the list. (Note that all text typed is recorded, with the exception of passwords typed into a standard password text field.)


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