About NetUpdate Preferences

NetUpdate offers several configuration options. To set these options, open NetUpdate in one of the ways explained here, then click the Preferences icon in the NetUpdate toolbar.

General Preferences

This tab lets you enter your e-mail address and password.


If you change e-mail addresses, you can enter a new address on this pane. If the lock is closed, you will need an administrator's password to unlock it and enter your new address.

Intego Menu Preferences

An Intego menu displays in your menu bar at all times, giving you quick access to all Intego software you have installed on your Mac, as well as to NetUpdate. By default, this menu is displayed. If you wish to turn off the display of the Intego menu, uncheck Show the Intego Menu in the menu bar.

Updates Preferences

You can have NetUpdate check for new software in two locations. The default choice, Check for updates on Intego's server, should be used in most cases. With this choice, you have two options:

  • Use the alternate NetUpdate port: By default, NetUpdate uses the standard HTTP port 80 to check for updates. If, for any reason, this poses problems, you can choose to use port 8079. In most cases, you won't need to change this.
  • Keep downloaded updates in a local folder: This allows you to store updates locally, and is useful if you are working on a network, and have multiple user licenses for Intego products; you can then have your other Macs check for updates in that local folder anywhere on an AppleShare network. If you do this, you'll want to choose Check for updates in local or network folder from the Sources menu.


If you wish to have computers check for updates on a local network, where you have placed update packages using the above option, select Check for updates in local or network folder from the Sources menu and click the Select button to select a folder, or drag a folder to the text field. If you use a local NetUpdate folder on a remote volume, this volume must be mounted on each computer's Desktop at check time to access the NetUpdate archives. (Note: if you use an AFP volume as a local NetUpdate folder, this volume does not need to be mounted on each computer; NetUpdate can mount the volume invisibly and unmount it after checking for updates.)

To use a local NetUpdate archive folder, you can work in two ways. You can download update files to one computer then copy or move them to the NetUpdate archive folder. Or you can have NetUpdate keep downloaded updates in a local folder, as described above. You can then have other Macs use NetUpdate to check manually for updates in this folder, or you can set it to check at a regular frequency.

Note: when updating Intego software via update files located in a local NetUpdate folder, NetUpdate may need to check with the Intego server to verify the subscription rights of the program being updated. Computers updating Intego software in this manner therefore need to be able to access the Internet.


Advanced Preferences

E-mail notification and warning options are available on this tab:


E-mail Notification and Warnings

  • Send me information about new Intego products: Checking this box means that you allow Intego to use the e-mail address you register to send you occasional messages presenting its new products.
  • Warn me when my subscriptions expire: NetUpdate warns you when any subscriptions to filters and/or virus definitions have expired.  This option cannot be disabled.


Scheduling Preferences

You can set NetUpdate to check for new versions of your software automatically. This pane allows you to choose the frequency for these checks. It also shows the date and time of your last check and your next scheduled check.


Automatically Check for updates

If you check this option, NetUpdate automatically connects to the NetUpdate server to check for updates. If you do not check this option, you can manually check for updates by clicking the Check now… button in the main display of the NetUpdate window. Choose at which frequency the updates will occur. Choose Daily, Weekly or Monthly, NetUpdate will check for new updates at this frequency.

Automatically install antivirus definitions and filters

If you check this option, NetUpdate will not alert you when it discovers new filters available for installation, but will install them immediately in the background. A small window will display when the update is completed, but you will not have to click any buttons during this process.

Background Update

If you check this option, Intego NetUpdate will attempt to update your Intego programs in the background. This will quit any programs that need to be updated, and will restart your computer if required.


Installed Updates

This pane shows a log of the updates you have made to your Intego software. Each update that NetUpdate has made is listed here. For information on the update, click one of the entries. The version column displays version numbers for programs and dates for filters and virus definitions. If you click on the Version header, it toggles to display the Build number; click again to return the display to Version. Comments about any selected item are displayed in the bottom section of this window. 


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