About the Intego Automatic Renewal Service


The Intego Auto-Renewal Service helps you ensure that you're protected by automatically renewing your product subscription before it expires. This service does the following:

- Automatically charges the regular renewal subscription fee (plus applicable taxes) prior to expiration of your product subscription to your credit or debit card — so you don't have to worry about becoming unprotected!
- If you wish to turn off the Auto-Renewal Service, you may cancel your enrollment at any time. Click here to Cancel Your Auto-Renewal.
- You will receive a notification shortly before your subscription expires and before any payment is billed to alert you that your product subscription will be automatically renewed.

Note: By enrolling in the Auto-Renewal Service, you authorize Intego/FastSpring to automatically charge the current renewal subscription fee (similar to the first subscription period) to your credit or debit card prior to the expiration of your product subscription.


Having Trouble with Your Automatic Renewal?


Your Auto-Renewal service may have been cancelled for the following reasons:

- Your billing information such as your credit card or billing address requires updating.
- Your credit card has been cancelled, expired, or was declined.
- Your subscription to the Auto-Renewal Service has expired.

To update your account information and complete your order, please contact our Sales Department directly from the link below. The Sales Team can re-activate your subscription and provide you with a custom order link to purchase your renewal again.

Contact Sales

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