Upgrade Policy

Intego's product upgrade policy provides benefits to loyal customers by offering those running X6 versions of Intego software an opportunity to acquire a 2013 or X8 product at no charge.  Customers may also acquire an upgrade from X6 or 2013 versions of the software to Intego's X8 product.  In addition, if you have a subscription for virus definitions or filters for your current software, that subscription will be transferred to the new product.

If you wish to benefit from this offer, go to:

(You'll need your current serial number to upgrade your software)

You can also upgrade your software directly from NetUpdate.  If your computer meets the minimum system requirements, you will see the option to upgrade when you check for updates.




When you click Update, you will be directed to Intego's website to download the installer for your new software.  You can also choose to ignore the upgrade by clicking "Don't show this upgrade anymore" at the bottom of the NetUpdate window.

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