VirusBarrier and iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch (iOS devices)

I would like to protect my iOS device from malware. Does Intego offer a solution for me?

Yes. VirusBarrier X9 protects iOS devices.


VirusBarrier X9

VirusBarrier X9 is a macOS application. VirusBarrier X9 can NOT be installed directly to an iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad.  This means that for scanning an iOS device, your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad must be connected to a Mac running VirusBarrier X9. It will scan as many iOS devices as you own, regardless of the type of license you have.


How Does VirusBarrier X9 Scan iOS Devices?

When scanning an iOS device (iPhone, iPod touch or iPad), VirusBarrier X9 temporarily copies all the files contained on the device to your macOS startup volume. VirusBarrier then starts checking if these files are safe or not. If any malware or infected files are found, VirusBarrier alerts you and offers to repair or delete them.

VirusBarrier X9 scans files added by users, such as music, videos and photos. It also scans files added by third-party file transfer programs.

If the iOS device is jailbroken (unlocked using third-party software), VirusBarrier X9 scans all files on the device, including e-mails, personal files, and files added by third-party utilities.

You can learn more about how to run the scan here: Scanning iOS devices


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