How Do I Activate My Intego Software With a New Serial Number?

If your software has expired and you have purchased a new serial number, use the instructions below to re-serialize your applications:

Intego X9, X8 and 2013 Software

Intego X6 Software


Intego X9, X8 and 2013 Software: 

Open your VirusBarrier application and you should see this window:


Click the Activate button:

Watermarked Activation.png

  • Enter your name or the name of your business and the new serial number in order to authorize your software again.
  • Open the NetUpdate application and check for new updates.

Note:  If you already have a valid subscription and wish to change your serial number in the middle of your subscription period, you will need to de-authorize your current software in order to enter a new serial number.    

De-Authorizing VirusBarrier 

Intego X6 Software: 

Open VirusBarrier X6.  Now Hold down the alt/option key on your keyboard and the "Renew subscription" button will turn into a "Enter Serial Number..." button.  You can now enter your new serial number.

Note: These steps are the same for any Intego X6 application.

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