How to Locate the E-mail Address Used to Register Software

Open NetUpdate from your Applications > Intego folder (for X9, X8 or 2013).


When NetUpdate opens, click the Preferences icon as seen below: 

This window displays the e-mail address you have registered your Intego software with. You can update your e-mail address by clicking the lock icon and entering an admin user account password. Once you have entered a new e-mail address and password, please click the Updates icon in the top left corner of the window and check for updates to send the new e-mail address information to our servers.

You can also Reset Your NetUpdate E-mail Address

Open the NetUpdate application as illustrated here and the software will check for updates. Once this process has completed, click OK. Next, hold down the Control (Ctrl) key on your keyboard, click the NetUpdate menu located in the upper left corner of the screen, and choose "Reset Preferences..." as seen below:  


Click Reset to erase the current e-mail address:


This will cause NetUpdate to close. Now, launch the program again from your Applications folder, or from the Intego 'tower icon' in the top menu bar. You should now see the following: 


Select 'Open' and it will launch the NetUpdate Preferences window:


Enter the new e-mail address and press the Return (Enter) key.

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