About Duplicates: Washing Machine X9


The Duplicates Cycle helps you locate copies of the files and folders on your Mac.  Removing duplicate files is a good way to free up disk space.  Washing Machine can find all duplicate files on your Mac and is the only cleaner available that identifies duplicate files by analyzing their bits. Other programs find and locate duplicates by analyzing timestamps and file names, missing those files that have different timestamps or files that have been renamed.  Once you have clicked the Duplicates Cycle button in the top left corner, you will be presented with a list of categories that you can scan.


You can scan for Duplicates by any of the categories below:

Folders - Scan folders which may contain other files and folders with duplicates.
Archives - Archive files combine several other files, they are most commonly used as backups.  File formats include .ZIP, .TAR, .XAR, .DMG, and .PAX files.
Movies - Any file formats that include videos and movies.
Documents - Spreadsheets, text files, presentations, and other documents.
Music - All sound and music file formats.
Pictures - Image files such as .JPGs, .GIFs, .TGAs, and .PNGs.

When you choose to search for Duplicates on your computer, you will see indicators of what types of duplicates are being found.


Once the Duplicate Scan is complete, you will have the option to delete duplicate files.  You can choose which duplicate files to delete, and whether or not to "Keep Earliest Files", "Keep Files on Macintosh HD", or "Keep All Files".  Once you have made your selections, you will click the blue CLEAN button at the top of the window.


Now you will see Washing Machine cleaning the duplicate files you selected.


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