How to Use Intego Settings Packer

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The Intego Settings Packer is used to create and deploy customized Intego software settings to a large number of Mac computers. 

Using Intego Settings Packer  

Intego Settings Packer is easy to use.  Just follow these steps:

First, install and configure your VirusBarrier, NetBarrier, ContentBarrier and/or NetUpdate software on a master computer using your installer. (Click here if you need to download your installer again) This will be the "master configuration" that you need to deploy.

(Note: Settings Packer does NOT install Intego software. You must use your Intego installer first to install any software you may have purchased before using this package)

Now, open the Intego software that you wish to deploy and modify the settings and preferences so that they are configured the way you want the software to be used on all of the Macs in your environment or lab.

Once you have your software configured to your liking, launch Settings Packer on this master computer by double-clicking the file you downloaded.

Settings Packer 3

In the applications list, check the boxes of the applications for which you need to deploy customized settings and then click on the "Create Package…" button.


Settings Packer will ask for an admin password and then it will generate a .pkg file (a standard macOS Installer package).

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When you install this package, the settings are applied on the target computer. Typically, you can install (deploy) this package with tools like Apple Remote Desktop, Jamf Pro, or other MDM solutions.  

The package file will look something like this in Finder:


If you receive an error when attempting to launch the Settings.pkg file, you can right click on the file and select the option to manually launch the installer.

can't open.png
right click.png
man open.png


For more information for signing packages for deployment, please read Apple's provided documentation here.


Request Settings Packer 


Ready to add Settings Packer to your Intego account?  Contact Intego Sales to formally request the tool today.

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