Intego Task Manager Window Won't Close


You may encounter an error where the Intego Task Manager window will not close after a Scheduled Scan.  Please note that the scan is completing as expected and your computer is still protected.

How to Close Task Manager When It Won't Quit?

Restart Your Mac  

The easiest way to dismiss the window is to simply restart your computer.  Please ensure that you save your work prior to restart. 

Quit the Process in Activity Monitor

If you don't want to restart your computer, you can launch the application Activity Monitor from the Applications > Utilities folder as illustrated in the screenshot below and double click on the process 'TM_Notifier':


Click the 'Quit' button to terminate the process:  


Disable ALL Automatic Scans

To prevent the issue from happening again in the future, you can disable the option to Scan "Volumes when they are mounted" and choose "After malware definitions updates: Do Nothing" as illustrated below:


Now, access the Scheduled Scans section as shown below:


Then turn the Scheduled Scans 'Off'. 


Note: VirusBarrier's Real-Time Scanner is always active and constantly scanning your Mac. It is also aware of new definition updates so it's not necessary to run manual scans.

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