Installation Hangs During the Verifying Sequence

Some users have discovered an issue in Mac OS X 10.11 or higher where installers are hanging during the verification sequence which prevents the software from completing the installation process.  When this occurs a popup alert with a progress bar will appear:

It’s important to note this is not an Intego bug and our software installers are not the only ones affected.



Please try the following steps until you are able to install the software.   

1. Restart your Mac and try installing again

2. Check your Gatekeeper settings from System Settings > Privacy and Security > Security.

You can ensure that it is configured to allow downloaded applications from the App Store and identified developers then try installing again.


OS X: About Gatekeeper

3. Copy the downloaded Installer as illustrated below.  

This can be done by right clicking (or Ctrl + Click) the Installer and selecting the Copy option.


Paste the copied Installer on your Desktop by right clicking (or Ctrl + Click) an empty area on your Desktop and selecting Paste Item.  Then try to install again from the copy on your Desktop.


4. Right-click on the Installer and select Show Package Contents


Navigate to the .pkg file from Contents > Resources and right click (or Ctrl + Click) it.
You will have the option to Open With > the Installer.Manual_Open.png

5. If you still have issues installing your Intego software, please Contact Support.

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