Couldn't Communicate with a Helper Application


We have received reports from some users experiencing this error message when attempting to scan with VirusBarrier Scanner after the most recent update (version 1.1.2). 

Our developers are aware of the issue, and this will be addressed in the next update (version 1.1.3).  This will be made available in the Mac App Store as soon as possible.  For now, there is a workaround to avoid the error as seen below. 

Disable Scan Archives

To prevent the error and complete scans until the next update is available, launch VirusBarrier Scanner and select the Preferences option from the VirusBarrier Scanner menu bar. 


From here, you can temporarily disable the option to Scan archives. 


Now, run another scan and see if the issue persists.  If the error message returns after disabling 'Scan archives', please Contact Support for further assistance.




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