Intego Antivirus for Windows User Manual

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Welcome to the User Manual for Intego Antivirus for Windows, the world-class antivirus protection for your PC!  Clean your PC from malware and large files within minutes, and protect your system at all times.

Use the Table of Contents below to go to the different sections of the manual.


Table of Contents

1. Welcome to Intego Antivirus for Windows

2. Getting Started

3. Protecting Your PC from Viruses and Malware

4. Optimize Your PC By Cleaning Up Redundant Files

5. Reports

6. Settings

7. Customer Support


1. Welcome

About Intego Antivirus for Windows

While viruses, Trojan horses, worms and other forms of malware are a constant threat to computers of all kinds, cyber-criminals are turning to new techniques to infect and control your PC's. These new threats come silently, with little warning, over the Internet: in many cases, simply visiting a booby-trapped web page can compromise your computer.

Intego Antivirus for Windows detects and eradicates:

  • Windows viruses
  • Mac viruses
  • Unix viruses
  • Microsoft Word and Excel macro viruses
  • Trojan horses
  • Worms
  • Spyware
  • Adware
  • Ransomware
  • Scareware
  • Hacking tools
  • Dialers
  • Keyloggers

System Requirements

  • Any officially-supported PC compatible computer
  • Windows 7 or higher
  • 500 MB free hard disk space
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Internet connection is required (high-speed connection is highly recommended)

Installing Intego Antivirus for Windows

It's very easy to install Intego Antivirus for Windows.

  • Download the Intego Antivirus Installer
  • Open the IntegoSetup.exe file from your Downloads folder
  • On the system dialog popup click Yes to start the installation
  • When the installer starts, click Install and it will guide you through the process

For more information on installing and activating Intego Antivirus, see the Installing Intego Antivirus for Windows article.


2. Getting Started

Using 'My Dashboard'

When you open Intego Antivirus, the My Dashboard window is displayed. This screen shows information about how Intego Antivirus is running, and provides feedback on its activities.


The My Dashboard screen gives quick access to:

  • Intego Antivirus Scans, Quarantine, Security Reports and Settings
  • Visual indicators of what sorts of protection are enabled, such as Real-Time Protection, Web Shield, and Prevention Engine
  • Optimization options to help clean up unnecessary or duplicate files.
  • Information about the program itself such as when it was last updated, the number of days of protection, and the number of threats secured

Status Indicators on My Dashboard

The status of various Intego Antivirus features appear on the My Dashboard screen.


These indicators will appear as green sliders and check marks when features are enabled.


If a feature is disabled that may put your computer at risk, Intego Antivirus will warn you and present an option to turn it on again.

Running Your First Scan

The first time you open Intego Antivirus, it will suggest to run your first scan.  Select Scan Now to start a quick scan to make sure your PC is clean.


Intego Antivirus will quickly scan relevant locations, processes, and virus behavior to make sure nothing malicious is trying to harm your system. Any infected files will be automatically quarantined.


Once the scan has completed, you will see a scan summary.  To see even more details, you can click Scan Report. (Security Reports are covered in another chapter.)


3. Protecting Your PC from Viruses and Malware

Real-Time Protection


The Real-Time Protection constantly watches over your PC, protecting you from viruses and malware at all times. You can see the status of Real-Time Protection in the My Dashboard window. It ensures that your PC is protected by scanning every file that is created, copied, modified or saved. It does not, however, scan other files. This is why we suggest you run a Complete Virus Scan of all of your files when you first install Intego Antivirus.


To turn off the Real-Time Protection and disable Intego Antivirus, go to the Settings > Security section and move the Real-Time Protection slider to OFF; you can turn it back on by moving the slider ON. In normal operation, you will not need to disable Real-Time Protection; this is only useful for troubleshooting when you have a problem with your PC.

Web Shield


The Web Shield module blocks Malware downloads, suspicious websites, and Web attacks while you browse the internet. You can see the status of Web Shield in the My Dashboard window.


You can disable the Web Shield from My Dashboard or the Settings > Security section.

You can also customize Web Shield and add URLs and IP addresses you want to block. Web Shield will not allow any connections to the Blocklist items.


If there is a connection attempt to an IP address on the blocklist, Intego Antivirus for Windows will notify you of the blocked request.

Prevention Engine


The Intego Antivirus for Windows Prevention Engine blocks unknown and Zero-Day threats that use unconventional evasive techniques using advanced behavior analysis technology.  You can toggle this feature On/Off from the My Dashboard or Security Settings windows.

Virus Scans

You can also use Intego's Antivirus Scans section to check any file, folder, disk, or volume on your PC.


Quick Scan

Quick Scan will scan only those locations where malware is commonly installed. The files and folders scanned may change as new malware appears, and the locations scanned may be different with newer virus definitions or software updates.

Complete Virus Scan

You can run a manual Complete Virus Scan with Intego Antivirus whenever you want. You should do this immediately after installation to ensure that you don't have any infected files on your device already. After that, the Real-Time Protection ensures that any new files you add to your PC are scanned and safe.


Once a scan has completed, you will see a scan summary.  To see more details, you can click the Scan Report. (Security Reports are covered in another chapter.)

Custom Scan

If you want to scan a single file, folder, or volume on your computer with Intego Antivirus, you can do this simply by dragging and dropping the file into the Scans window.


You can also click the Choose specific location button to choose multiple files and folders you want to scan.


Select Folder or File and navigate to the path on your PC where the files you want to scan are located.

Illustration for adding files to scan using their path location

Highlight the files and click Add to start the scan.

Scheduled Scan

Scans can also be set to run automatically at pre-arranged times. This information is displayed in the Scans and Security Settings windows. Intego Antivirus will automatically determine the best time to run the scan so that it will not interrupt your regular computer activity.


Select Schedule now and you will be presented with a window where you can modify the schedule of scans to fit your needs. Intego Antivirus for Windows displays the date and time of the next scheduled scan and a slider to turn the feature On/Off.


You can select a Quick Scan or Complete Virus Scan. You can also specify the Scan time by choosing certain days of the week, and a certain hour of the day.  Select the Change schedule button at the bottom of the window to save any changes.


If you do not want a Scheduled scan, this feature can be disabled from the Security Settings section.

When Malware is Found

When a malware is found you will be notified immediately. Intego Antivirus Real-Time Protection will automatically block and quarantine the file to protect your PC, and you can open the Quarantine section to manage detected files.

Illustration of a malware detection alert

For all threats detected during a scan operation, you can view the Scan Reports for more information.


Intego Antivirus will automatically quarantine all infected files. When files are quarantined, they can't be opened or read, ensuring that they cannot infect your PC.

The Quarantine section shows you which files have been quarantined, the Threat name, Detection date and the Location on your PC where the file was located.


To continue treatment you can Delete, Restore, or Restore and Exclude. When you delete a file, it will be permanently removed from the computer.

  • Delete removes the file from your PC immediately.
  • Restore tells Intego Antivirus to move the file back to its original location.
  • Restore and Exclude tells Intego Antivirus that you think this file is not infected, and adds the file to the Exclusions Report. Be very careful when you click this button, and only do so if you are sure the file is safe. If not, it may infect your entire PC.

You can also see the file location path for the quarantined file in the bottom left corner of the window.


4. Optimize Your PC By Cleaning Up Redundant Files

Optimization Scans

You can use Intego's Optimization scans to help free up disk space. These scans will help locate and remove large, and unwanted files, as well as remove unnecessary duplicates. There are 3 types of Optimization scans that can be utilized: Complete Checkup, Large files scan and Duplicate files scan.


Complete Checkup

A Complete Checkup will scan your PC for both large unwanted files, and duplicate files, all within a single scan.


A Smart scan can be run using Intego's recommended scan configurations. This runs a scan of your PC using predetermined locations and scan options to provide the most complete optimization results.

A Manual scan can be selected when you have a specific location, file size or modification date you would like to filter the scan for. You also have more filter options for file type and file exclusion.


Large Files Scan

This scan will check your PC for all files over a size that is set within the Optimization menu of Settings.


Duplicate Files Scan

This type of scan will check the PC for duplicate files and list all duplicate versions. The original file will not appear in the scan results, so that the original file is preserved on the system and no files are lost.



5. Reports

Here you can find all security reports and information related to your PC. Choose the report type you want from the options on the right-side of the window and get the data instantly.

Scan Reports

The Scan Reports shows a record of all scan events, including manual and scheduled scans, and the results of these scans. 


  • Scan type: Displays the type of scan run such as a Full Scan, Quick Scan, or a specific file or folder
  • Date: The exact date and time of the scan event
  • Files scanned: Total number of files which were scanned
  • Issues found: Number of malware detected during the scan
  • Issued fixed: The number of malware repaired, quarantined or deleted
  • More: This option will provide a more detailed report for the selected scan

To clear your Scan Reports, click the box next to the entry or entries you want to remove and select the Delete selected button from the bottom of the window.

Real-Time Protection Report

The Real-Time Protection Report displays a list of all threats detected by the Real-Time Scanner.


  • Threat: The name of the malware detected
  • Type: The family of the malware detected
  • Date and time: The exact date and time the Real-Time Protection detected the threat
  • Action: The action taken by Intego Antivirus on the infected file (Quarantined, Repaired, Deleted)
  • Location: The file path location for where the file was detected on your PC

To clear your Real-Time Protection Reports, click the box next to the entry or entries you want to remove and select the Delete selected button from the bottom of the window.

Web Shield Reports

The Web Shield Report displays a list of all browser based threats blocked by Intego Antivirus.


  • Date and time: The exact date and time when threat stopped by Web Shield
  • Type: Displays the type of threat that Web Shield stopped
  • Action: This shows the type of action taken on the item
  • Process: The name of the process that launched the program where the blocking occurred
  • URL: This lists the web address that was blocked by Web Shield

To clear your Web Shield Reports, click the box next to the entry or entries you want to remove and select the Delete selected button from the bottom of the window.

Prevention Engine Report

The Prevention Engine Report displays a list of all proactively detected threats categorized as unknown and Zero-Day threats by Intego Antivirus.


  • Scan type: Displays the type of scan run such as a Full Scan, Quick Scan, or a specific file or folder
  • Date: The exact date and time of the scan event
  • Files scanned: Total number of files which were scanned
  • Issues found: Number of malware detected during the scan
  • Issued fixed: The number of malware repaired, quarantined or deleted

To clear your Prevention Engine Reports, click the box next to the entry or entries you want to remove and select the Delete selected button from the bottom of the window.

Cleaner Report

The Cleaner Report provides a list summarizing your most recent optimization scan results.


  • Scan type: Displays the type of scan run such as a Complete Scan, Large Files Scan or Duplicate File Scan
  • Date: The exact date and time of the scan event
  • Files found: Total number of files which were identified for optimization
  • Files deleted: Number of files removed after the scan
  • Space reclaimed: The amount of storage space that was freed after files were removed

To clear your Cleaner Reports, click the box next to the entry or entries you want to remove and select the Delete selected button from the bottom of the window.


6. Settings

Intego Antivirus is designed to work unobtrusively in the background once it's installed. However, it has numerous options to let you control how its various functions work.

The Settings are divided into five sections: General, Security, Optimization, Account, and About.


This section provides general information and usability options for your software.


Language allows you to choose the localized text used by the software from the list of supported languages.

Notifications will automatically be displayed when a scan completes in the background. This can be disabled if you prefer not to be notified.


The Security Settings allow you to customize options for Protection, Quarantine, Reports, Exclusions and Virus Scans.



The following features can be enabled or disabled:

  • Real-Time Protection: Constantly watches over your PC, protecting you from viruses and malware at all times.
  • Cloud protection: This is a type of scanning that takes place in the cloud. The digital footprint of unknown files are uploaded anonymously and scanned in real-time.
  • Enable Prevention Engine to block unknown threats from entering your device.
  • Enable scan from context menu: Allows you to scan any file or folder by right-clicking and selecting 'Scan with Intego'.
  • Scheduled Scan: Scans run automatically at pre-arranged times


The settings for the Quarantine allow you to manually adjust the size of the folder where malware is stored and the frequency in which files are automatically deleted.



Auto-delete reports after a specified period of time.


Whitelist files, folders, websites, applications and processes from all detection modules.

Virus Scans

Archives: Contain one or more files, usually in a compressed format, so that they can be transferred easily and quickly. Intego Antivirus will look inside several popular types of archives, scanning not only the archive file itself, but also the files that it contains. This feature can be enabled or disabled.

The 'Maximum archives size to scan' setting allows you to tell Intego Antivirus to stop scanning archives larger than the specified size. By default, this is set to 500 MB.


This section allows you to select the parameters for the Large Files Scan. From here you can decide the baseline of the size of files the scan will consider large.



This section gives information about the software and subscription such as the License type, your License key, Expiration date, and a clickable link to Contact our support team for assistance.



Intego Antivirus automatically downloads and installs the latest software updates and virus definitions silently in the background. You can confirm the Product type, Software and Definition versions, and the Expiration date of your subscription from here.



7. Intego Antivirus for Windows Support


If you still have questions about using your Intego Antivirus software and cannot find the answer in this User Manual, please check our Knowledge Base for answers to the most common questions:

Knowledge Base

You can also contact our Support Team directly for assistance by completing a support ticket online here:

Contact Support

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