Error: Real-Time Scanning Failed To Load in older versions of macOS

Note: Please make sure your VirusBarrier software is up to date.  The most common cause for this issue is running outdated versions of Intego software:

Checking For Updates to Intego Software

What is the Latest Version of VirusBarrier?

We have received reports from some Intego users running VirusBarrier X9 on macOS 10.14.6 and 10.13.6 indicating that 'Real-Time Scanning failed to load' and cannot be enabled. Attempts to 'Retry' or 'Restart' the device do not have any impact.

The error will appear in VirusBarrier X9:


Affected users may also see this message:


The issue appears to be caused by a bug in older versions of macOS Mojave and High Sierra (10.14.6 and 10.13.6) and seems to be impacting any software which relies on kernel extensions to load.  We have reported the issue to Apple, along with many other software developers in the community, and we hope that this will be resolved by Apple directly.


Workaround to Restore Real-Time Scanner

If you are seeing this issue with VirusBarrier on your Mac, and you are using macOS 10.14 or 10.13, you should be able to resolve the error by following these steps:

  1. Restart your Mac and immediately press and hold these two keys: Command (⌘) and R 
    (Your Mac will start up in macOS Recovery mode:
  2. Open Terminal by selecting Utilities > Terminal from the top menu bar. 
  3. In the Terminal window enter the following command:
    chflags restricted /V*/*/private/var/db/KernelExtensionManagement
  4. After pressing Return to submit the Terminal command, restart the device normally and VirusBarrier should now be able to load Real-Time Scanner again as expected.

Note: If VirusBarrier was recently installed for the first time, you may need to also approve the kernel extension upon restart. Allowing Intego Kernel Extensions





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