Installing Intego Privacy Protection for Mac

Step 1: Download

If you have not already, download the Intego Privacy Protection installer from the e-mail you received at the time of purchase.  You can also download a copy from here:

Download Intego Privacy Protection




Step 2: Run Installer

Once the Intego Privacy Protection installer has finished downloading, double-click to run the .zip or .exe file to extract the Intego Privacy Protection Installer.

Note: By default, the file will be located in your Downloads folder.  Please check your web browser preferences if you have modified the location for downloaded files.


Step 3: Run Installation

Once the installer has been extracted, double-click the Intego Privacy Protection Installer to start the installation.  


Step 4: Security Confirmation

macOS will then prompt you with a security confirmation window to allow the installer to make changes to your system. Select Open.


Step 5: Admin Privileges

Once you have given macOS permission to run the installer, it will then require you to confirm Admin privileges. Input your macOS admin password here and select OK.


Step 6: Login

After the application has successfully installed, the app will open to the Quick Tour/Login window.

Select Login and enter your login credentials, that were provided to you via the email address used to place the order (i.e. Username p1234567). Once logged in, the application will save your Intego Privacy Protection credentials in the application.


After logging in the DEFAULT DISPLAY will appear. This will be the primary window you use when interacting with the application day to day. In the image shown below, the power button shows yellow, meaning you are currently disconnected.


Step 7: Connecting

Use the power button to establish a connection — it may take some time to establish the connection, this is normal behavior.


Once the connection is established, the power button will turn green and the application will list your masked IP.



Intego Privacy Protection Support


If you still have questions about using your Intego Privacy Protection software and cannot find the answer in this Installer guide, please check our Intego Privacy Protection Knowledge Base for answers to the most common questions:

Knowledge Base

You can also contact our Support Team directly for assistance by completing a support ticket online here:

Contact Support

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