Using the EICAR Test Virus To Check VirusBarrier's Reaction To Malware

What is the EICAR Test File?

The EICAR test file was developed by the European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research (EICAR) and Computer Antivirus Research Organization (CARO), to test the response of antivirus software (such as Intego's VirusBarrier). To prevent harming your Mac by downloading a real malware file for testing, users can download and use the EICAR test file safely.

Note: The EICAR test file is not an actual virus and it cannot infect your computer with any malicious code.

How to Scan the EICAR Test File with VirusBarrier

  • Ensure that VirusBarrier is installed and Real Time Scanner is activated.
  • Download the EICAR test virus from the link below and and the file will be scanned automatically by VirusBarrier's Real-Time Scanner.

Download an EICAR Test Virus File

VirusBarrier detects the EICAR file as 'Multi/Eicar'. Users can Trust, Quarantine or Repair the file once it has been automatically detected. You can read more about this feature in the VirusBarrier User Manual.


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