How Much Does it Cost to Renew My Intego Subscription?

Pricing for the renewal of your Intego subscription may vary depending on age of subscription, promotional offers, or any other discounts applied at time of purchase.

If you have an upcoming subscription renewal, or would like to see the amount for your next subscription renewal, you can do so by looking at your payment details after logging into your Intego Account.

Click Here to Log Into Your Intego Account

After logging in, click on the My Account button, as seen in the image below:

my account main.png

Once you can see the information for the My Account page, look under the Subscription and Billing section. Here you will see a section for Payment Method. If you click Manage Subscription, you will be taken to a page where you can view your upcoming renewal information, including pricing. If you click Cancel Subscription, you can cancel your upcoming renewal. Canceling a subscription does not refund a recent order or renewal.

Update payment method.png

Intego subscriptions will renew at the original MSRP pricing for the package you purchased. For example, the current price of a Mac Internet Security subscription for 1 Mac - 1 year is $49.99. The renewal price for that subscription will be the same $49.99, plus any applicable taxes required for your region.

If you subscribed using a discount or promotional offer, this offer will not apply to the renewal. The renewal cost will be the original MSRP cost without any discount or promotions.

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