Issue: VirusBarrier Quarantined a File and It Cannot Be Removed or Repaired

If you have malware detected by VirusBarrier, but do not have the option to quarantine or delete the files, you will want to follow these steps to confirm the malware has been properly removed from your Mac.

First, you will see an alert window which lists all of the detected files. It will look similar to the image below.

Quarantine_Alert_pop_up.pngThe option to Quarantine will be greyed out. This is expected behavior, as VirusBarrier automatically places any malware detected into Quarantine. You do NOT need to manually place files into Quarantine. Select OK to close out of the alert window.

Now, open the VirusBarrier application. If you are not familiar with how to open VirusBarrier, please follow the steps here.

Once inside VirusBarrier, select the Quarantine section in the upper left area of the window.


From here you can view all of the malware files that have been detected. You have the option to Trust, Repair, or Delete the detected files. The image below details how to Delete All detected malware.


Selecting Delete All should remove the files from this list, meaning the malware has been successfully deleted.

Sometimes infections may be detected in files you would like to keep. In these instances, you would want to Repair All, instead of Delete All. VirusBarrier will attempt to repair the files and return them to their original location. You can see how to select that option in the image below.


If you follow these steps and the malware still appears within the Quarantine section, please restart your Mac and run a new Full Scan with VirusBarrier. If the files are no longer detected, this means that they were successfully removed or repaired, and a restart was required to recognize the changes made with VirusBarrier.

If you continue to have issues removing malware from your Mac after following these steps, you can contact our Support Team for further assistance.

Click Here to open a Support Ticket.


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