Error: Real-Time Scanning Failed to Load

If you are running a newer version of macOS (macOS 11 Big Sur or higher) or have recently migrated to a new Mac, you may receive an error that VirusBarrier's Real-Time Scanning has failed to load.

The error may appear like the ones in the images below:



The reason for this is VirusBarrier requires an update to remain compatible with the updated versions of macOS. The fastest and easiest way to resolve this issue is to check NetUpdate for any available updates for your Intego software.

If you are unsure how to check for updates, or which version of VirusBarrier you have installed, you can find this information in the articles linked below:

Checking For Updates to Intego Software

What is the Latest Version of VirusBarrier?

If you are unable to update your Intego software via NetUpdate, please try reinstalling your software. You do not need to uninstall your software prior to reinstalling.

How to Download and Install Intego Software for Mac

If Real-Time scanning still does not load, even after reinstalling, please uninstall your Intego software and then reinstall the software again.

How to Uninstall Intego Software for Mac


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