Account Error: 'We Could Not Locate Your Email Address, Please Try Again'

When trying to login or create your Intego Account, you may receive an error message like the one below:


This means that you need to register your email address for your Intego Account, or the email address used to purchase your subscription is different than the one you have entered.

The Intego Account Portal is a very new feature we have introduced. So even if you have had a subscription for many months, or years, you will want to complete the steps to verify your username and then set up your login password for the Intego Account Portal.

Activate Your Intego Account

You will receive an email with the next steps to complete this set up process.

If you do no know which address is associated with the Intego account, refer to the purchase email you received after completing your order to obtain the correct address. If you do not know which credentials were used, you can reach out to Intego's Support Team, so we can help you confirm the correct email address.

If you have already began the registration process for your Intego Account, please make sure you check your email for the verification message. You must verify the account prior to being able to log in. If you have not verified the account, you will receive this error as well. If you need the verification email resent to you, please contact the Intego Support team for further assistance.

Contact Intego Support

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