Setting Up Your Intego Account Online

Intego has introduced our new Intego Account Portal, where you can view your subscriptions, registered devices, and account information all in one place.

Regardless of how long you have been an Intego customer, everyone must complete an email verification and password creation process in order to finalize their account prior to being able to log in.

To set up your new Intego Account, you will want to visit the link below:

Click Here to Set Up Your Intego Account

Please enter the email address you used at time of purchase and then click on the green Create Account button.


You will now see a message confirming the activation email has been sent like the one shown below. 


Shortly after submitting your request to Create Account, you will receive an email from where you can click on the Verify Email Address button.


Clicking the link will open a new webpage where you can create your Intego Account password.


Once this is complete, you can now login using your email address and the password you just created.


You may receive an error when entering your email address.

Account not found.png

If you receive this error, it means that a different email was used when purchasing your Intego subscription. If you do not know the email address that was used, or no longer have access to that email account, please contact Intego Support.


** Please note: If you receive any errors during the account creation process, please retry the steps above from an alternate web browser, or reset your current browser data and try again.


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