VirusBarrier Detected Malware, What Should I Do?

Whether you've run a scheduled scan, manual scan, or have the Real-Time Scanner enabled, VirusBarrier will notify you when malware is detected on your Mac.

You will see a pop-up alert window with options to Trust, Repair, or select OK. The Quarantine option will be greyed out. This is because all files detected are automatically placed into Quarantine, so this step is not required.


After selecting the Trust, Repair or OK option, you will want want to open VirusBarrier's main window and navigate to the Quarantine tab.


From the Quarantine tab, you will see all quarantined files listed.


Now, you can select the options in the lower right corner to Trust All, Delete All or Repair All.

  • Repair tells VirusBarrier to remove the malware from the file and return it to the original location.
  • Quarantine.  VirusBarrier will automatically place detected files into Quarantine, which is why this option is greyed out and cannot be selected. When files are quarantined, they can't be opened or read, ensuring that they cannot infect your Mac. This is useful for administrators who want to check files before running VirusBarrier's repair function. (See the Quarantine Zone section in the VirusBarrier User Manual for more details.)
  • Trust tells VirusBarrier that you think the file is not infected, and adds it to VirusBarrier's Trusted Files list. This may be used for false positive detections, or important files you do not want VirusBarrier to take action on. However, be very careful when you click this button and only do so if you are sure the file is safe. If not, it may infect your entire Mac. (Which is probably a bad idea)

After you have made your selection, please run a follow up scan to confirm that all of the malware has been successfully quarantined and removed.


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