How to Reset Your Google Chrome Browser

Note: If you believe Google Chrome may be infected with adware, please see the following article for more information

How to Remove Adware, Pop-Ups, and Browser Redirects From Your Mac


Reset Google Chrome

Within the Chrome browser, click on the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner of the window to view the drop down menu seen in the image below. Click on Settings. Chrome_Settings.png

Inside of this menu, there is an option in the bottom left corner of the page to Reset Settings. Click on Reset Settings, and then you will see the option to Restore Settings to Their Original Defaults.


Clicking the button to Restore Settings to Their Original Defaults will open an alert window like the one in the image below.


Click the blue button to Reset Settings. Then close your Chrome web browser and reopen it. Your Chrome web browser is now reset.


Reset Search Engine Queries

You can also reset your default search engine settings, without resetting the entire browser.

Open Chrome's Settings menu and select the Search Engine option in the left side menu.


Click on the pencil button to open the search engine options.



You cannot edit the existing query box so you will have to remove the saved search engines and add a new one to be able to edit the URL with %s in place of query.

We recommend using a well known search engine, such as Google.

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