How to Change Your DNS Settings With Intego Privacy Protection

When using Intego Privacy Protection, you have 4 options for DNS settings that can be changed, depending on your requirements. A DNS is what translates the IP address of a site into a readable URL address. For example, is an IP address that is translated by the DNS and is more commonly known as

The options available within Intego Privacy Protection are using the existing Intego Privacy Protection DNS, Built-in Resolver, an existing DNS or a custom DNS.

More information about these settings, and how to change them, can be found below:

Intego Privacy Protection DNS
Built-in Resolver
Existing DNS
Custom DNS

Intego Privacy Protection DNS

This is the default setting for the DNS configuration. This utilizes Intego's servers to handle DNS requests.


Built-in Resolver

The option to runs a Built-in recursive resolver locally instead of using one from Intego or a third party. In this configuration, the user's computer contacts authoritative name servers directly instead of relying on a recursive DNS server to do it for them.


Use Existing DNS

If you are already a third party DNS, you can select this option to utilize those settings within Intego Privacy Protection .



This would be used if you would like to manually configure the DNS settings.


Please note that using any non-Intego DNS servers with Intego Privacy Protection could result in exposing your DNS traffic information and compromising your privacy.


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