Why Does NetBarrier Continuously Alert for New Network Connections?

You may notice that NetBarrier will continuously notify you that you have joined a new network and that a profile type must be selected.


This is expected behavior any time you connect to a new network, connect to a new server on a VPN, or have not selected a default profile for your existing network connection.

Selecting the appropriate network profile type (Home, Work, Public Hotspot or VPN), will allow the alert window will disappear.

If you continue to receive these prompts even after choosing a profile type, please verify within NetBarrier's Preferences menu that a default profile is selected.

To open NetBarrier's Preferences, click on the Preferences option from NetBarrier's drop down menu, as seen in the image below.


Within the Preferences window that appears, locate the Profile section and choose the appropriate selection from the drop down menu for your network type.

Screenshot 2023-08-30 at 3.01.42 PM.png

Once this is selected, the default profile will be applied automatically to all new networks.

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