How To View and Update My Subscription Payment Information

If you wish to update your payment information due to an expired or replaced credit card, or simply because you wish to use a different payment method this article will help. If you already have a payment link similar to the example below, you can simply jump to Edit Subscription. If not, please follow the steps in order.


Signing Into Your Intego Account
Access the Renewal Page
Request a Payment Link
Edit Subscription
Update Payment Method
Confirm Payment Method


Signing Into Your Intego Account

If you need to update the payment method you have on file for your active Intego Subscription, you can do so by signing into your Intego Account.

Click Here to Sign Into Your Intego Account

Once you have signed in you will see the option for the My Account button.


From the My Account page, you will see the Subscription and Billing section in the lower half of the page. Here you will find the Payment Method option, like in the image below:


Clicking on the Update Payment link will direct you to the payment processor that handles your subscription payments (either FastSpring or 2CheckOut). From here you can update payment method as required. If 2CheckOut is your payment processor, you will be required to log into your 2CheckOut account, which is separate from your Intego Account login.

For more information about FastSpring and 2Checkout, and how to access your 2Checkout account, please visit these below:

What is FastSpring?

What is 2Checkout?

Renew Your Intego Software

Access the Renewal Page, enter your serial number, and click Renew. If you cannot locate your serial number, click here:   

I Forgot My Product Key or Serial Number


Request a Payment Link

You will be notified that you are enrolled in the Automatic Renewal Program. Select 'click here' and an e-mail will be sent to the address we have on file. If you no longer have access to that e-mail address or you do not receive the e-mail, please Contact Support.


Edit Subscription

Access the link provided via e-mail and click the Edit Subscription option.
(Note: The price displayed below is only for this example and your actual subscription pricing may vary)


Update Payment Method

Choose the option to Update Payment Method and press Next.


Confirm Payment Method

Enter your card number or choose the option to pay via PayPal and press Update Payment Method.


 This will update your payment method and you will be billed again at the next subscription period.

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