Email Services Blocked While VPN Is Active

It may be possible that usage of any VPN service with certain email services will prevent the sending and receiving of email.

This is a known and expected behavior for some email service providers. These service providers have chosen to blacklist certain IP address that are associated with VPN services. This causes the sending and receiving of email to stop when a VPN connection is in use.

There is nothing wrong with your VPN, or VPN settings if this occurs.

If you would like to continue utilizing Intego Privacy Protection, there are some steps you can take depending on the restrictions of your email provider.

Split Tunneling
Change Ports Within Mail Application
Disable or Snooze the VPN

Split Tunneling

Split Tunneling may allow you to keep your VPN connection active while bypassing your Mail application. This feature is built into the Intego Privacy Protection VPN and will allows you to specify whether or not an application will use the VPN when connecting to the internet. 

For more information on how to enable and set up Split Tunneling, visit our article below.

About Split Tunneling


Change Ports Within Mail Application

In order to proceed with this option, specific information and credentials from your email provider may be required. You can try changing the outgoing ports for mail from 25 to 587, within the Mail app.

To change the outgoing port within Mail, first open the Settings from within the Mail app.

Open Mail Settings.png

Next, click on the Accounts tab and navigate to the Server Settings section. Then open the drop down menu and select Edit SMTP Server List.

Acounts tab, server settings tab.png

Open Drop down to edit SMTP.png

Click the + button to add a server, if there is one already present for your email account you can also simply click on it to select it. If the window is empty, please enter a Server Name.
Add Server.png

Enter a Server Name.png

Once the Server has been added and selected, change the information within the Server Settings section to the necessary credentials. The port number can be changed to 587. The remaining credentials will be provided by your email provider, not Intego, and will be specific to your personal email account and differ from the information shown in the photo below.
Enter account credentials and port info.png

Disable or Snooze the VPN

You can also simply disconnect or snooze the VPN while accessing your mail, and then enabling the VPN once you are finished.

To disable/disconnect the VPN, click on the circular power button within the main widget window. The button will appear yellow around the edges, and the green Connected banner will disappear from the top of the window.

Disconnect VPN.png

To Snooze the VPN, open the widget window and click on the arrow at the bottom to expand the window.

Expand VPN.png

At the bottom of the widget window, select the amount of time you would like to Snooze the VPN and then click the Snooze button. This will temporarily suspend the VPN connection for the selected amount of time. It will automatically reconnect when the timer expires.

Snooze VPN.png


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