My Serial Number is Not Working or Accepted


Below are the most common reasons why a serial number may not be working:

1. Serial number typed incorrectly or transposed. (Please check the serial number carefully and try again)
2. Serial number is being used with the wrong product or version of software. (For example: Mac Internet Security serial numbers will NOT work with Mac Premium Bundle applications Washing Machine, Personal Backup or ContentBarrier)
3. Coupon code used instead of serial number. If you have purchased a Dual Protection coupon code, please click here to obtain your serial numbers.
4. Nothing is entered into the User or Company Name field.  This field cannot be left blank.  You can enter any User or Company Name you like.

If you have lost or forgotten your serial number, you can always find it again within your Account page.

How to Recover Your Serial Number from the Intego Account Portal

Note: If you have checked all of the above and your serial number is still not working, please Contact Support and include a screenshot of what you see when you enter your serial number into the correct Intego application you have purchased. To make a screenshot, press the following keys altogether: Command+Shift+3. A screenshot will be saved to your Desktop.

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