VirusBarrier Failed To Download Definitions


If you encounter this error message when updating VirusBarrier X9 or VirusBarrier definitions, please do the following:

- Close and Quit VirusBarrier X9
- Check to make sure you have a valid internet connection
- Check your NetBarrier settings or any other firewall software you may be using and make sure you have not accidentally blocked VirusBarrier or NetUpdate. 
- Restart your Mac
- Open NetUpdate and install any new updates available
- Open VirusBarrier X9 again and see if the issue is now resolved

If the issue persists, uninstall and reinstall your VirusBarrier and NetBarrier X9 software to resolve the issue.  You can download the file below to uninstall and install the software again: 

Uninstall and Reinstall VirusBarrier and NetBarrier

If you are still having issues after following all of the steps in this article, please Contact Intego Support for further assistance.

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