Intego Privacy Protection VPN Is Unable to Connect

After updating to macOS Ventura, you may experience an issue where the Intego Privacy Protection VPN is unable to establish a connection.


This is due to having an older version of the Intego Privacy Protection VPN installed, version2.4. The current version that is supported with macOS Ventura is version3.2.

The fastest way to resolve this issue is to uninstall the older version and reinstall the updated version.

Uninstall Older Versions of Intego Privacy Protection 
Install the Latest Version of Intego Privacy Protection


Uninstall Older Versions of Intego Privacy Protection 

Step 1: Disconnect

Ensure that you are disconnected from the VPN. You can do so by right-clicking the application icon within the menu bar or by clicking the power button within the application menu.

The power button will turn yellow to indicate that you are disconnected from the VPN and the application icon will appear dimmed with an 'X' through it.


Step 2: Advanced Settings

Open the Advanced Settings Window by right-clicking the application icon in the menu bar or select the (3)three vertical dots located at the top right-hand side of the application menu.


Step 3: Settings

Select Settings from within the drop down menu. From there the Settings Menu will pop up.


Step 4: Help Tab

Navigate to the Help tab within the Settings Menu


Step 5: Uninstall

Within this Tab navigate to the sub section Maintenance and select Uninstall Intego Privacy Protection hyperlink.


Step 6: Finish

To complete the Uninstall process you will be prompted by macOS to proceed with the uninstallation of the application. You will need to enter in your macOS admin password (NOT the Intego Privacy Protection account password) and press Install Helper.




Install the Latest Version of Intego Privacy Protection 

Once the uninstall is complete, restart the Mac and install the current version of the Intego Privacy Protection, using the download link below.

Download Intego Privacy Protection VPN

If you need more information about how to install Intego Privacy Protection, you can find more detailed installation instructions here:

Step 1: Download

If you have not already, download the Intego Privacy Protection installer from the e-mail you received at the time of purchase.  You can also download a copy from here:

Download Intego Privacy Protection

Windows (64 bit)
Windows (32 bit)



Step 2: Run Installer

Once the Intego Privacy Protection installer has finished downloading, double-click to run the .zip or .exe file to extract the Intego Privacy Protection Installer.

Note: By default, the file will be located in your Downloads folder.  Please check your web browser preferences if you have modified the location for downloaded files.


Step 3: Run Installation

Once the installer has been extracted, double-click the Intego Privacy Protection Installer to start the installation.  


Step 4: Security Confirmation

macOS will then prompt you with a security confirmation window to allow the installer to make changes to your system. Select Open.


Step 5: Admin Privileges

Once you have given macOS permission to run the installer, it will then require you to confirm Admin privileges. Input your macOS admin password here and select OK.


Step 6: Login

After the application has successfully installed, the app will open to the Quick Tour/Login window.

Select Login and enter your login credentials, that were provided to you via the email address used to place the order (i.e. Username p1234567). Once logged in, the application will save your Intego Privacy Protection credentials in the application.


After logging in the DEFAULT DISPLAY will appear. This will be the primary window you use when interacting with the application day to day. In the image shown below, the power button shows yellow, meaning you are currently disconnected.


Step 7: Connecting

Use the power button to establish a connection — it may take some time to establish the connection, this is normal behavior.


Once the connection is established, the power button will turn green and the application will list your masked IP.


Note: Your login credentials for the VPN will remain the same when logging into the updated version. If you no longer have access to these credentials, please contact support.

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