Legacy System Extension Message

In the latest versions of macOS Catalina you may receive the following message when Intego software is loaded:


We are aware of this message, and it will be addressed in a future software update before the next major version of macOS is released.

Your Mac is Safe!

Please note that your Intego software is still fully compatible with macOS Catalina and it will continue to work as expected.  This message does not have any impact on Intego's ability to protect your Mac, so you can safely close this window and continue using your computer normally.  

Intego software has been compatible with every version of macOS, and we will continue to support future versions when they are announced.  Intego software will be compatible with macOS Big Sur once it has been officially released by Apple later this year.  Please be sure to keep your software up-to-date to stay protected.

Checking For Intego Software Updates 

Apple - About legacy system extensions

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